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If you find any bug/inconvenience, please report it on bug board.
[505] Re:Bugs and Personal Input Name: Jaen Narthel Date: 2017/03/18 07:14 [ 返信 ]
I think I will answer as much as I can.

> In Character Customization for "Avatar 1," the right eye is a different shade than left.
It is the specification of the model.

> Game needs some sort of autopathing. If you click over a wall, it will just make you run into the wall and keep running.
Known defect: keep running running toward the wall
The character might be able to climb some wall in cave.

> Very thin [noticeable] line running through map and I got stuck on trying to run along it.
You may be able to see the connection of the terrain.

> Luring creatures in beginning across bridge into the smaller stream will put you too uphill for them to attack back.
> Luring creatures into terrain like the lightpost before the bridge will not allow them to attack you.
I will investigate.

> About plus matters.
Thank you for your reports.
Bugs and Personal Input Ryuu 2017/03/18 04:50
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