for All T2A Generation. - ver 0.4.5
Locus Solus(LS) is currently developed by takapi(KURONEKO SOFT).
This game is a massively multiplayer online game focused on freely searching, adventuring and life.
Experience real-time social interaction with thousands of people in the same exciting game world.
Meet new friends and foes, engage in group combat, venture off to uncharted lands, or visit a tavern and chat with players from around the world.
It's an ongoing, ever-changing world of adventure.

Locus Solus is for fans of:

- Online games
- Customizable skills
- More depth than the usual RPG system

This game is a free-roaming open world where you have the freedom to become anything you want.

Are you with us?
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NEWS - ALPHA ver 0.4.5
  • 12.04.2021 Item billing system
    ver 0.4.5
    We have implemented an item billing system on a trial basis.
  • 01.05.2021 2018.2.21f1LTS
    The game engine has once returned to 5.6.3 and has been updated to 2018.2.21f1LTS.
  • 01.31.2020 Unity2018.4.16f1
    The game engine has been updated to Unity2018.4.16f1.
  • 12.24.2019 Site recovery
    You couldn't see the site, but you can.
  • 02.20.2019 Unity2018.3.5f1
    The game engine has been updated to Unity2018.3.5f1.
  • 01.21.2019 Unity2018.3.2f1
    The game engine has been updated to Unity2018.3.2f1.
  • 01.09.2019 Unity2018.3.0f2
    The game engine has been updated to Unity2018.3.0f2.
  • 08.08.2018 2017.4.0f1
    I downgraded Unity version to 2017.4.0f1.
  • 08.01.2018 Unity2018.2.1f1
    The game engine has been updated to Unity2018.2.1f1.
  • 05.09.2018 Unity2018.1.0f2
    The game engine has been updated to Unity2018.1.0f2.
  • 05.05.2018 Unity2017
    The game engine has been updated to Unity2017.4.0f1.
  • 11.01.2017 ver 0.4.4
    Added NPC to explain skills.
  • 10.02.2017 ver 0.4.3
    Added option to invert mouse wheel scaling.
  • 09.30.2017 ver 0.4.2
    I tried to raise the numerical value of fps.
  • 09.21.2017 ver 0.4.1
    I grounded the vacant hole.
    I restored the tree floating from the ground.
  • 09.14.2017 ver 0.4.0
    The map search test has started.
    If you are interested in testers, please apply from Alpha Tester.
  • 08.23.2017 Locus Solus LowPoly Type
    Screenshots of the official website have been redesigned into LowPoly screenshot.
    The character model of Locus Solus has been changed to LowPoly type.
    For updates on Locus Solus of real type model, please see here.
  • 04.28.2017 ver 0.32.10
    You cannot move forward beyond obstacles (such as walls and buildings).
  • 03.17.2017 ver 0.32.9
    You can not equip the pickAxe and the torch at the same time.
  • 03.11.2017 ver 0.32.8
    The build file was unified to the game engine version.(Unity5.5.1f1)
    The fishing message was fixed.
  • 02.25.2017 ver 0.32.7
    The build file was unified to the game engine version.(Unity5.5.1f1)
    Light was tweaked.
  • 02.10.2017 ver 0.32.6
    The game engine has been updated to 5.5.1f1.
    Fixed trees that were out of the target of lumber.
  • 01.29.2017 ver 0.32.5
    Fixed a bug that does not have Collider in Birch type tree.
  • 01.18.2017 ver 0.32.3, 0.32.4
    Fixed bug in Model Scale.
    Fixed a message during poisoning.
  • 12.22.2016 About Demo version
    Distribution of Demo version has been temporarily frozen.
    You can play the version distributed to supporters.
    I will inform you about debug play later.
  • 12.19.2016 ver 0.32.2
    Adjust pet related system.
  • 12.16.2016 ver 0.32.1
    The game engine has been updated to 5.5.0p1.
    Character damage animation was adjusted.
  • 12.03.2016 ver 0.31.6
    CastRecovery no longer affects Mining, Lumbering and Fishing.
  • 11.24.2016 ver 0.31.5
    The number of characters of the player name increased to 25 characters.
  • 11.21.2016 ver 0.31.4
    The game engine has been updated to 5.4.2f2.
  • 11.06.2016 ver 0.31.3
    Fixed the effect of damage, buff and debuff.
    Fixed the effect of Poison, Paralyze and Resurrection.
    Added EnergyBolt and MindBlast (Magery skills).
    Fixed that you can dig also warm other than minerals by Mining.
    Fixed the bug anticipated when damage is reflected.
  • 10.21.2016 ver 0.31.1
    Deleted the wall(surrounding mountains) of starting map.
    Fixed that characters can be deleted only after certain period of time(3 days).
    Added 2 sorts of monsters.
    Changed the animation of 2H arms.
    Added FireBall, Explosion and Flamestrike(all Mageryskills).
    Fixed the bug that Fog turns off when camera get out of the water.
    Changed the position of dungeon.
    ※You can still Recall MarkStone left on dungeon in ancient map but there might be a bug.

    Added off-line function (you can’t change On/Off inside the game)
    There is almost no difference between On/Off mode.
    In order to play off-line, please get off-line version.
  • 09.30.2016 ver 0.29.18
    Save channel
    Fixed the problem of interference of arm and dead body.
  • 09.25.2016 ver 0.29.17
    Fixed the bug that it stays dark after moving channel with vendor window open.
    Fixed that after channel move, only windows related to player will be re-displayed.
    Fixed the bug that EI won't go up by using Magery.
    Controlled NightSight Magic and NightSightPot.
    Fixed monsters that was out of HitSE to MissSE.

    ※EDIT ( 2016/09/28)
    Fixed the bug that the box of treasure hunt and monster disappears in a moment.
  • 09.18.2016 ver 0.29.16
    Fixed item stuck number.(99 >>> 999)
    Fixed selling item number.(99 >>> 999)
    Fixed weight of item.
    Fixed drop rate from monster.
    Fixed production recipe.
    When it's overweight, you can't Recall and Teleport.
    Fixed stamina consumption of production skill.
  • 09.15.2016 ver 0.29.15
    Fixed so that drag-drop from PD won't be a sell.
    Fixed bug that can't destroy items after resurrection.
  • 09.14.2016 ver 0.29.14
    Fixed bug that An didn't increase while physical attack.
    Fixed bug that Ar didn't increase while tame.
    Fixed stuck items and tool items won't be recycled.
  • 09.08.2016 Login by SteamID
    It has changed the login system.
    Please get the SteamID.

    I don't have the SteamID. >>> Click here
  • 09.06.2016 Treasure Hunt
    You can get the treasure map among trophy you get from monster or from the treasure box.
    Added description of the Treasure Hunt to the official site GUIDE.
  • 07.05.2016 Official site update
    Added description of the branch skills to the official site GUIDE.
  • 06.29.2016 Greenlit!
    My game, "Locus Solus," has been Greenlit!
    Thanks, for all!

  • 06.12.2016 CAMPFIRE -Crowdfunding-
    I decided to use the crowdfunding in order to collect the funds of my game(Locus Solus).
    I will be very glad if you will support me. :)

    Locus Solus project
  • 05.28.2016 This game has been registered to Greenlight.

    I have registered my game to Greenlight.
    I will be very glad if you will support me. :)

  • 05.17.2016 The Promotional video
    Locus Solus promotional video has been published.
    Locus Solus Trailer j 01
    Locus Solus Trailer j 02
    Locus Solus Trailer j 03
  • 06.04.2015 Project inception
    This project has started.

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