for All T2A Generation. - ver 0.4.5
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    Welcome to the Open Alpha Test for Locus Solus!
    Everybody can join this Open Alpha Test.
    The test term will be unlimited, but sometimes I might do shutdown the server for the update or the maintenance.

    Do you want to be a tester?

    This is a massively multiplayer online RPG.
    Please be aware that the game is unfinished.
    You might find bugs or problems that interrupt your game play. Report the bugs here.
    Note that random items might be re-rolled within the test or after the test has finished.
    You are welcome to post screenshots and videos online.

    Locus Solus is a alpha version.
    This game is created by takapi and it is still under development.
    Demo version is the one I use while developing and it has the minimum field/dungeon/facility.
    Map is small and there are some hiding bug.
    Also there is no tutorial for this test version.
    Please refer to the GUIDE on the website for operation or just enjoy figuring it out by yourself.
    It will take a long time until it is completed.
    So, when the game is finished to some degree, I will release it, and I will make it better by adding various elements and updating it.

    If you want to participate as a test player, you can play the demo.
    If so, please send me a mail. :)


    In that case please report the contents of the test play to me. >>> Report the bugs here.
    Please tell me the following matter.

    ▽ Your name
    ▽ E-mail address (Mead registered in the game)
    ▽ Your PC memory
    ▽ Your PC graphics card
    ▽ Reason for entry

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Thank you for your support!

I will support KURONEKO SOFT.