for All T2A Generation. - ver 0.1.4
If you find any bug/inconvenience, please report it on bug board.
[503] Bugs and Personal Input Name: Ryuu Date: 2017/03/18 04:50 [ 返信 ]
[Day 1 testing]
{- = Bug, + = personal input}
- In Character Customization for "Avatar 1," the right eye is a different shade than left.
- Game needs some sort of autopathing. If you click over a wall, it will just make you run into the wall and keep running.
- Very thin [noticeable] line running through map and I got stuck on trying to run along it.
- Luring creatures in beginning across bridge into the smaller stream will put you too uphill for them to attack back.
- Luring creatures into terrain like the lightpost before the bridge will not allow them to attack you.

+Weapon accuracy too low while output damage might be a bit high. I'd say lower the damage by about 20% and raise the attack accuracy rate.
+I like your choice of movement and combat. Gives sort of like Runescape and League of Legends put into one. As far as the movement not being terrible like Runscape's and the RNG part.
+Game has a good thing going with it giving players enough range [if skillful enough] to attack and back up quick enough for the monster to not attack back. Although, this can be abused though and I am not too sure on how many creatures this effects, but I know it effects the Carnivorous Plants.
+The game may need more English translations for those who can't understand Japanese.
 ┗ Re:Bugs and Personal Input Jaen Narthel 2017/03/18 07:14
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