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[489] Fishing pole durability and text fixes Name: Jaen Narthel Date: 2017/03/12 11:38 [ 返信 ]
Fishing pole breaks to fast. Please consider changing the durability from 10/10 to 20/20.

Change: "You start to fishing."
To: "You start to fish."

Change Orenge Fish to Orange Fish

Change Joumeyman to Journeyman

Change "You start to mining." to "You start to mine."

Change "You failed to ore." to "You failed to mine."

Change "You start to lumberjack." to "You start to chop wood."

Change "You failed to wood." to "You failed to chop wood."

Arms Lore Change "You failed to do it." to "You failed to identify it."

Thank you.
 ┗ Re:Fishing pole durability and text fixes Jaen Narthel 2017/03/12 11:36
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